Organic Gynostemma Tea grown in the Mountains.

Cultivated in the valleys far into the jungle and protected by the mighty mountains of South East Asia.


The Golden Triangle is still one of the cleanest places on Earth with no water-, air- & soil pollution.


Bioherby offers farmers a fair trade price, helps tribes to develop and helps them to protect and learn about their enviroment.


Due to 'commercial farming', allmost everything is stuffed with hormones to grow faster and bigger.


Nowadays most 'health products' are not healthy anymore!


Bioherby puts quality over quantity! We offer only the highest and healthiest superb quality, organically grown in the mountains with care.


We do not use any kind of insecticides or hormones on our products!


Bioherby only uses Earth itself.


Vitality of Nature!

Organic Gynostemma Tea.

Organic Gynostemma Tea, Grown in the High Mountains!


Organic Mountain Farming.

Organic Jiaogulan Leaf

Jiaogulan, Gynostemma pentaphyllum.


82 saponins (gypenosides) were identified in jiaogulan, compared to the 28 ginsenosides found in Panax ginseng.


This is probably the healthiest herb in the world.


We offer Mountain Wild Organic Jiaogulan leafs for Tea and Organic Capsules.

Organic Reishi Mushroom

Lingzhi or Reishi Mushroom, Ganoderma.


The most potent mushroom in the world has a long history of use for promoting health and longevity, around 4000 years!


We offer Organic Lingzhi Tea, Capsules from the whole mushroom and Organic Lingzhi Spores Capsules.

Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea,  Camellia Sinensis.


An ancient Asian saying goes: "The best tea comes from highest mountains".


On the hight mountains the temperature, humidity and intense sunlight are perfect for Green tea plants. 


Our Organic Green Tea is of superb quality!