Bio Organic Bacopa Monnieri.

500MG Organic Bacopa Monnieri Extract 15:1

Why Bioherby’s organic quality Bacopa?

* Grown 100% purely organic.

* Fair-Trade and environmentally friendly.

* Fresh product with 20 months’ shelf life.

* Originates from one of the healthiest places on earth.

* Hand picked – Sun dried – Small scale natural & organic agriculture.

* Bioherby's Bio Bacopa contains as much as 40% Bacosides

   per capsule, where other brands contain up to 20% Bacosides!

   Bacoside are the active ingredients / compounds found in Bacopa Monnieri.

* Only superior & full grown organic leafs used!

* Highest % Natural Bioactive Health Compounds!


- Strong anti-oxidant properties.

- For a good mood.

- For mental positive energy.

- Prevents attention disorders. 

- Supports the learning process.

- Supports the memory.

- Increases the concentration.

- Regulates the blood pressure.


- For a clear mind.

- Has a soothing effect.

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BIOHERBY'S Bacopa Monnieri:

standardized to 40% Baco Sides A & B!

Active ingredients and effects of Bacopa.

The most important component of Bacopa is bacoside A, a saponin that appears to exist of a jujubogenin and pseudo jujubogenin after splitting. These are triterpenoid saponins of which also other bacopa saponins A, B, C, D and G and the bacopasiden I / V are described in Bacopa monniera. The bacopasiden are a group of saponins that are unique for the Bacopa monniera.

Scientific research.

In 1980 a first study appeared where Bacopa monniera seemed to improve the memory and learning behaviour with patients with an anxiety neurosis. After that a commercial (and standardised) formulation of Bacopa monniera entered the Indian market with remarkable nootropic properties: improvement of the attention, the memory. A study with 300 mg Bacopa monniera extract improved the learning function and the memory with people. It also reduced the heart rate, but had no effect on the mood, the blood pressure or on the concentration. In another study the bacopa extract ensured that newly learned facts where better remembered. In an Australian research Bacopa ensured for improvement of the random-access memory and a higher accuracy of memories.

Bioherby only uses full-grown bio organic Bacopa leafs of superior quality, therefore the percentage bacosides A + B is as much as 40%!

Bioherby's Organic Bio Bacopa 40% has the highest percentage of Natural Bioactive Health Compounds!

organic bio bacopa

Bioherby's Organic Bio Bacopa Monnieri.

organic bacopa

BIOHERBY'S Bacopa Monnieri:

standardized to 40% Baco Sides A & B!​

bacopa organic bioherby

Bioherby's Organic Bacopa supports the memories.

bio organic bacopa bhrami

Bioherby only uses only full grown bio organic Bacopa leaves of superior quality!


100% Natural & Organic - As Natural as possible - Highest active compounds.

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